I felt like the biggest loser!

I used to be embarrassed to talk about ED but now that I don't have to live with Erectile Dysfunction, it's a little easier.

I think we can all agree that


This is why I have taken the time to write this, and why you are here reading it. I have gone through the ultimate failure by not being able to get an erection and know what it feels like when she says, “It’s okay”

We can put that right alongside the infamous, “It’s not you,” category.

If you're experiencing erectile dysfunction at least 50% of the time, then you need to do something about it because it’s not “okay”. You know it and she knows it.

So, why are we here right now? To solve your ED symptoms once and for all.

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Here Is My Story probably Similar to Yours?

Being with my last girlfriend was very stressful when trying to be intimate with her. I had lost all confidence in my sexual performance and tried to avoid having sex with her.

But the solution wasn't so simple as taking an ED prescription medication since I had high blood pressure.

You may have the same situation or you're like a lot of men who simply don't want to add yet another medication to the mix you're already taking. Especially with all of the side effects that come with meds and the potential dangers of mixing drugs.

I was really frustrated and worried. The prolonged avoidance of having sex was not going well with my partner. She began to think I didn't love her any more. She even asked me if I was cheating on her.

I felt really bad about this.

I started losing sleep over it, and I can only imagine that it adversely affected my blood pressure with the added stress.

I started to look into ebooks on how to please your my partner without intercourse. I know... pitiful! But what else could I do?

I decided to talk to my cardiologist to see if I could take Viagra or one of the other prescription drugs. He said, “Absolutely not,’ because it would react with my heart medications.

I was back to square one with no solution in sight. It even had crossed my mind to just live out my life without a partner. That is what you call “up a creek without a paddle’. I had no solution and nowhere to go for one.

I kept looking for a solution, something that would help me to have the kind of erections I used to when I was young. Or at least hard enough to have intercourse.

After getting a big NO from my cardiologist, I made an appointment with my urologist and told him the issue. He said “If the cardiologist said no to these drugs then you can't take them:

I didn’t know what to do. And I was getting desperate.

He then said” there was one more option that works well for most men”. I perked up and couldn't wait to hear my only option. When he told me what it was, my heart sank.

He said, “I can prescribe you a penile injection medication.” He continued to explain the injection protocol and that it I could doit on myself at home. It was supposed to help improving blood flow to the penis, which of course leads to firmer erections.

I said, “So, before having sex I have to administer myself an injection into my member?" I then laughed uncomfortable, hoping he was just joking.

No such luck. He said, “Yes, and its very easy to do. You can come into the office or watch a video to see how to administer it. The needle is very small so it will be easy with a little practice”

I felt a little queazy just thinking about it.

It's a medication with a long shelf life but has to be stored in the freezer. I brought it home with mixed emotions. I tried to keep my mind on the excitement that my problem was over and I was going to be astud again... at least as much as I'd ever been in the past.

I told my girlfriend about it and she was not enthused at me sneaking off and giving myself a shot. I also felt uncomfortable with it, so never used it. It’s still in my freezer to this day.

I Refused to Give Up

I refused to settle for “living with ED" and set out to see if I could find something I could live with that would cure my Erectile Dysfunction naturally.

I really had no option but to keep trying. So I started looking for more products that might work for me. I looked on the Internet and checked out some local supplement stores. I ended up purchasing roughly I0 different products.

Many of them you've probably heard of, like horny goat weed, yohimbi, hormones, zinc L-arginine, Steel Libido and others. I went home and wrote on the caps how many to take so I wouldn't have to read the labels every time I took them.

I spent hundreds of dollars, but finding a cure for my ED would come with no price limit. This wasn't only about sex and experiencing pleasure again. My relationship was at stake... again!

When I stayed at my girlfriend’s house or went on a trip, I would put all of these bottles in a plastic shopping bag. I'd mention I wanted some waiter and then quickly swallowed the handful of capsules and tablets when without her really knowing.

I'm happy to tell you that the combination of products somewhat worked.

I was excited again because I had become more hopeful. Determined to find a solution, I kept moving in the direction that had shown at least someimprovement.

If I couldn’t find what really works on the market, I was going to formulate it myself.

I was probably just too bull headed to stop trying.

So, I started studying herbology, horticulture (plants), nutrition and dietary nutrients, and experimented on myself by combinations of roots, plants, herbs whole foods and vitamins.

There are two very important things one must realize about using ingredients in supplements:

1. they are eaten in the right combination and

2. they are eaten in the right amounts.

I started combining different natural ingredients. When something improved, I keptit. Eventually, I had a working formula, but it still wasn’t completely right.

I started changing the amounts and in different combinations, and I finally started seeing results!

I spoke to so many herbalists and chemists, looked at herbs from china, India, Africa. I read the same articles over and over again and found a few things in common.

I contacted herbalists again and made sure my recipe would not counter-react with each other. And most important, will not react with my prescribed heart, blood pressure and cholesterol medications.


I had found my dignity again! And that was more important than anything!

Call it luck or call it obsession, I finally came up with a formula that worked! AND I didn’t have to take so many crazy amount of pills!

There's no need to purchase 3, 4 or 5. or more products to gain back your sexual performance, rebuild your confidence and really satisfy your partner. All the ingredients are in one capsule!

Guys and gals started wanted available for them. People were DEMANDING my herbal ED formula. And they kept telling me I HAD TO make it available for sale.

It’s exactly my formula, and you can get it now.

The question is up to you. Do you want to try it ?

Don’t get frustrated with the quality of your erection. Remember three things:

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Don't Ignore Erectile Dysfunction!

Erectile dysfunction is a serious issue. Men who have problems with erections should see a doctor immediately. This can cause stress and affect your self-confidence. Erectile dysfunction will ruin your relationship.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of men to get and keep enough erection to have sexual intercourse. This is also known as “impotence”.

Don't worry! You're not alone. You're representing about 50% of men population with erectile dysfunction problems that cannot have sexual intercourse.

Research says that about I20 million men are having ED in the United States. It is assumed that still many undetectable cases are left because a high number of people don't feel comfortable talking about it.

But after the discovery of the drug sildenafil or Viagra, most people have known ED is a treatable medical condition.

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Should you need to visit a doctor?

A normal erection can be affected by problems with blood flow, nerve supply, and hormonal imbalance. The causes include both physical and psychological conditions. These include:

Physical causes:

Psychological causes:

Peoples with erectile dysfunction are at a very high risk of stroke and a heart attack within a few years of diagnosis. They should immediately go to a cardiologist to avoid further complications.

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